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What is the PQ

International Competitive Exhibition of Scenography and Theatre Architecture

The Prague Quadrennial is the only exhibition of its kind and magnitude in the world that exhibits contemporary stage designs and theatre architecture. In addition to the exhibit displays, the event offers its spectators and participants with a unique platform for encountering the theatre culture and its artists from all over the world. The participants receives unforgettable opportunities of trading experiences, discovering new theatre trends and technical possibilities, and gaining on-hands experience of the new working methods by participating in the workshops.


The Prague Quadrennial, which has taken place in the Czech capital since 1967, celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2007. Over the course of its previous ten exhibitions, the PQ has become a world-renowned cultural event. Its prestige is substantiated by the enormous and continuously growing interest of the individual countries and artists participating in the event.  A record-breaking number of 51 exhibiting countries attended the PQ 07. Over the past ten PQs,  the world’s leading scenographers have participated in the event, including theatre legends as Tadeusz Kantor, David Borovsky, Ralph Koltai, Luciano Damiani, Ming Cho Lee, Alejandro Luna or architect Oscar Niemeyer, but also famous contemporary theatre makers as Achim Freyer, Robert Wilson, Jennifer Tipton,  J. C. Serroni, Heiner Goebbels, Anna Viebrock, Julia Taymor,  Adrianne Lobel,  George Tsypin, Paul Steinberg and many others.

The PQ is not only for theatre and specialized artists – it is also intended for the average spectator who wants to learn and become involved in the creative process through the exhibitions as well as through the interactive programmes.

The Prague Quadrennial has received the support of the President of the Czech Republic and UNESCO in past exhibitions. In 1999 and 2007, UNESCO awarded the prestigious "UNESCO Prize for the Promotion of Arts" to emerging stage and costume designers.

The Prague Quadrennial continues to be organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, and is realised by the Arts Institute - Theatre Institute in Prague.



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