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Theatres At Risk


Dear friends,
We are a group based in Barcelona, linked to the School of Architecture of Barcelona (ETSAB) and in connection with the Theater School (Institut del Teatre), with whom we worked in a Doctoral Program in Interuniversity Performing Arts. Although more than twenty years ago we work on issues at stake in theatrical architecture, this year presented at the Prague Quadrennial Stage of the proposal to create a OBSERVATORY OF THEATRES AT RISK, who earned the diploma of honor of the theatrical architectural competition.

Prompted by this recognition, we are working on three lines:

Archive. A catalog of missing theaters, which aims to restore the memory of the theatrical spaces in some cities. Gather information and place it in space and time are the main tasks of this "archive", which are needed for further interpretation of the role of theaters in urban history.

Observatory. A collection point for information architectures theatrical threatened. Often it is their state of neglect raising fears that an "accident" end its existence. Other times is the growth of the city under the mercantilist logic what the threat. Even at times is nothing more than the idleness which makes them vulnerable, but surely deserve to be rescued. The reasons for preserving these spaces are not to depend on their architectural quality, and that its value can come from urban or heritage: historical, social, and… mainly from its ability to accommodate the theatrical event.

Lab. A space to generate proposals for architectural intervention in theaters at risk, with the aim of turning them again, in areas useful to the community. In this direction the "laboratory" looking collect and provide theoretical tools: magazine articles, books, architectural projects, ... Without renouncing be, as far as possible, a veritable workshop projects.

Our website is: www.theatresatrisk.org

We would like to get in touch with you to share our experiences.

Antoni Ramon Graells
Professor of Architectural Composition (ETS Architecture Barcelona)

Name: Theatres At Risk
e-mail: info@theatresatrisk.org  



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