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The concept of the 11th Prague Quadrennial originated as a reflection of the current status of global society, making it necessary to provide the curators with the liberty to select their own Theme. The PQ 07 encouraged each country and its curator to present its individual exhibition based on a Theme that it determined itself. The Theme was to reflect the particularly unique trends of that country’s contemporary theatre culture as a perspective on the world today. The individual exhibitions emerged from attention paid to the particular details and exceptional qualities of contemporary theatre in that country - in all genres and in related media – as expressed through its scenography.
The concept of the PQ 07 tried to emphasize the diversity found in international scenography and to demonstrate the way in which scenography illuminates the contemporary world. Taken as a whole, the PQ aimed to illustrate the variety of cultures and theatre works found all around the world, while at the same time creating a collective picture of world theatre and scenography.
The Grand Prize of the PQ 07, the Golden Triga, was thus awarded to the national exhibit with the best presentation of a Theme.
The national curator, who was artistically and organizationally responsible for the theme, could choose to illustrate the same theme in all sections, or different themes in each of the sections in which the country participated.
The reason for this concept was to emphasise the significance of the artistic concept of the expositions and the responsibility of the curator, to attempt to clearly express the situation of contemporary theatre design in each country and to encourage a clearer profile of each of the participating exhibitions. The curators were also requested to incorporate non-traditional exhibition elements and new media into their presentations, and also live activities that had been successfully utilised by many countries in the past.
PQ 07 continued in the same tradition of the PQ 03; the concept was apparent in emphasising the character of the PQ as an exhibition of contemporary theatre design, as well as an living organism, live contemporary theatre showcases and unique places to meet theatre practitioners from different disciplines and genres from all over the world. It was also a place for mutual communication, a place to establish new relationships, to seek out and to create new contexts. For this reason, the live programme was presented as an integral part of the entire event.

The Concept of Space

The main exhibition space of the PQ 07 was once again located in the Industrial Palace. With reference to the extensive concept of the PQ, the Section of National Exhibitions was expanded to include both wings of the Industrial Palace; another space was also dedicated to the Student Section – Scenofest, and the national school exhibits were relocated to the Křižík Pavilion E. In addition to the Scenofest project located in the Central Hall of the Industrial Palace, design workshops took place at venues located outside of the Industrial Palace: lighting and sound design projects took place at the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre and the Roxy/NoD Experimental Theatre Space, and technical workshops were also conducted at the Ecothechnical Museum. The Section of Architecture and Technology was located on the inner and outer balconies of the Central Hall.
The area located in front of the Industrial Palace was also used extensively for many different activities and events. The area was used to accommodate the hundreds of participants, guests, and spectators who came to witness the Grand Opening of the Prague Quadrennial. During the PQ, this space was used as the location for performances, workshops, exhibitions and the Sound Park interactive sound installation. Other locations were still required to help meet the needs of the extensive Live Programme of the PQ, so a Lecture Hall was built in the Left Wing of the Industrial Palace, so an Architecture Hall was built on the balcony of the Central Hall. As the PQ was the meeting point of theatre professionals from all over the world, the PQ Bar became an important location and was built to serve as the core where other activities and events could also take place in the Left Wing of the Industrial Palace. The architect of the PQ 07 was Martin Tröster and the design of most of the spaces throughout the Industrial Palace was Krištof Kintera and his artistic team Jednotka.

Visual concept

For the first time, the PQ organisers decided to create a unified visual concept of the entire event. The author of the idea and graphic design of the PQ was one of the most celebrated contemporary Czech artists Krištof Kintera. Kintera combined the creative promotional and marketing concept of the PQ with the visual aspects of the exhibition space, as well as with the presentation of the live programme located outside the Industrial Palace. A wooden crate, a ballerina playing with a crate, bubble wrap, red and white plastic tape, and the slogan Hamlet is (not) Dead united the PQ 07, giving the event its own unique and individual shape.



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