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Students and other PQ participants had the opportunity of taking part in the large project that provided them with hands-on, practical experience - the construction of the Babel Tower and the adaptation and spatial creation of the classic comedy from Antiquity – Aristophanes’ The Birds. In addition to these exhibition projects, the Scenofest Stage designed by Jean Guy Lecat, French scenographer, architect and long-time collaborator of famous director Peter Brook, was built in the Central Hall of the Industrial Palace. The daily programme of the Scenofest Stage included performances, lectures and presentations. The Babel Tower, reaching 18 M into the Central Hall, was the centre of the Scenofest project. This particular space was used for exhibitions, theatre performances, workshops and presentations.


A total of 1100 students from all over the world participated in almost 90 workshops during the Scenofest project. The workshops were led by artists and professionals from all fields of theatre design. The student participants had the opportunity of displaying the results of their work in the Babel Tower. The presentations took on various forms – from static installations to live performances. The workshops that took place in the Central Hall allowed visitors of the PQ to witness the energy and creativity that goes on behind the scenes of the finished product. Other series of workshops took place in the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre, the Roxy NoD Experimental Theatre space as well as at the Ecotechnical Museum. A part of the project was the Design as Performance which included dozens of productions performed inside the Scenofest Theatre space as well as in front of the Industrial Palace and at the Ovocný trh located in the centre of Prague.


In addition to the main exhibits located in the Central Hall, other digital exhibits included an exhibition of sound design, as well as all the works that were a part of the exhibition projects and the prestigious OISTAT Architecture Competition that included more than 250 architects from 38 countries. This exhibition presented the work of the 40 competition finalists. On the evening of the Grand Opening and PQ Awards Ceremony, Scenofest presented two performances inside the Babel Tower, allowing spectators to see the collective work of the scenographers, costume designers and sound and lighting designers.


The Bird Wall transformed on a daily basis: every visitor of the PQ and Scenofest could create their own “bird postcard” and place it on the enormous wall of the Scenofest Theatre. The Scenofest organizers also prepared a series of lectures and presentations in all fields of theatre design. The main programme was the Top Ten Talks that included the presentation of leading designers and theatre personalities from all over the world.


Scenofest was created by an international team of designers and teachers - all worked as volunteers for several years: Sean Crowley (UK), Ian Evans (UK), Chris van Goethem (Belgium), Steven Brown (UK), Michael Ramsaur (USA), Marina Raitchinova (Bulgaria), Pamela Howard (UK), Donnatela Barbieri (Italy/UK), Henk Van Der Geest (The Netherlands), Petr Matásek (Czech Republic), Illka Louw (Republic of South Africa) and many others. The Scenofest project was made possible through the support of many local and international cultural organisations, schools and universities, architectural and technical firms. More than 200 volunteers from all over the world participated in the Scenofest project; most of the participants remained in Prague for the entire duration of the PQ. World artists prepared workshops and participated in various lectures and seminars without any fee, and devoted their free time and knowledge to the emerging generation of theatre designers. With Scenofest, the Prague Quadrennial once again dramatically presented the current trends in lighting and sound design.

Scenofest originated in cooperation with the Prague Quadrennial and OISTAT - the International Organization of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians.

Further information on www.scenofest.org.




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