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Live Program of the Prague Quadrennial 2007

In addition to the exhibition sections, a rich live programme was an integral part of the entire PQ. A total of close to 500 live events, performances, installations, lectures, discussions, seminars, workshops and conferences were a part of the event. The main objective of the live programme of the PQ was to create a space that would enable professionals, students and spectators to encounter and discuss the current trends of theatre and design.

The entire programme took place in the Industrial Palace where several different spaces were created to accommodate the events – the Lecture Hall, the Architecture Hall and the PQ Bar. For the first time, the live programme of the PQ also took to the streets in the centre of the city of Prague. The aim of the programme was to show the use of costumes, sets, and objects in the context of various genres and disciplines and to place it in context with the PQ and the “non-theatre” spectator.

One of the aims of the entire programme was to show scenography and its possibilities in the context of live events and also give exhibiting artists a chance to present their work in spaces other than the confined exhibition space.


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Performances on the Streets  - For the first time in the history of the PQ, Prague became a living stage with different types of performances, installations, productions, parades, and more.  Every day, student performances took place at the Ovocný trh, and unique performances by leading artists from USA, France, Great Britain, Italy, Portugal, Mexico and Germany, could be seen on the streets and in the squares located throughout the city centre. One of the aims of this program was to include the atmosphere and environment of the city into the entire PQ, an event that is attended by thousands of theatre practitioners, and present Prague as an expressively cultural metropolis. At the same time, the series of activities brought the PQ closer to the thousands of visitors, tourists and citizens of Prague. This particular part of the programme received a great deal of attention (an anticipated 12 000 spectators witnessed the various street activities).

Discussions / Lectures – One of the aims of the entire programme was to show scenography and its possibilities in the context of live events and also give exhibiting artists a chance to present their work in spaces other than the confined exhibition space. Three or four events took place daily in the Lecture Hall. The Top Ten Talks, a lecture series with leading theatre practitioners who introduced their work and the latest trends in theatre and theatre design, were considered to be the most successful. The event, curated by British scenographer and curator Pamela Howard, was held within the framework of the Scenofest, and included lectures and discussions by H. Goebbels, R. Hudson, D. Krymov, U. Kohler, and M. Roque, just to name a few. The Lecture Hall was often filled to its maximum with students, theatre artists and the general public for these important lectures. The Architecture Hall hosted presentations focusing on architecture, space, and theatre technology.

PQ Forum and Discussions  - A serie of discussion about the past, presence and future of the PQ moderated by General Commissioner Arnold Aronson. The aim of the discussions was not only to research the current state of scenography, but it often the discussions returned to the theme of the PQ with the question of how to exhibit stage design, how to create a space for scenography and also the future of the PQ in general. Further panels discussed eg. using new media and technology in theatre or How to Write about Scenography.

Days of countries and regions – Every day several countries and regions had the opportunity to introduce their culture in the PQ National Exhibit Section in the form of theatre performances, social events, lectures and even sampling some of the food from their national cuisines.

Second Hand Fashion Shows – Second hand clothing in the hands of leading designers from all over the world. Every day at five o’clock in the PQ Bar, a selected artist had an opportunity to show his work with recycled clothes, and create interesting costume design and objects. Each fashion show was staged by a different director: Silvie Zimula Hanáková (CZE), Cristina Maldonado (MEX), DoMa/At Home, Lucie Loosová (CZE), Ye Traore (SAR), Doina Levintza (ROM), Valerie Broumová (CZE), Tomáš Bambušek (CZE).

Bookbrunch – Every morning during the PQ, the presentation of new books focusing on the world of theatre and theatre design took place at the PQ Bar. These new publications included the launch of the new Czech translations of General Commissioner Arnold Aronson´s Look into the Depth, Viewpoints (outlining the acting methods of American director Anne Bogart), as well as the new publication about the theatre projects of the Brothers Forman Nachové plachty (The Purple Sails).

Scenofest for the Public – Information about Scenofest projects that were open to the public: lectures, performances, exhibitions, and more.

Performances in the Industrial Palace - Student performances in Scenofest, Second Hand Fashion Shows and many other live events.

Live Events in the Exhibitions - A program was also organized by National Curators in their exhibition space.

PQ at the Archa Theatre –  During the PQ, leading American director and theoretician of acting techniques Anne Bogart conducted a two week Viewpoints acting method workshop with Czech and international participants. The workshop was led by Bogart and members of the SITI Company and culminated in a presentation of the results of the workshop. The SITI Company’s production of “Bob” was presented during the PQ to two sold-out audiences at the Archa Theatre. The translation of Anne Bogart´s Viewpoints was also published in Czech. The project will continue in 2008 in the form of one-month workshops for participants from all over Europe.

Accompanying Exhibitions –  Exhibitions of František Tröster and David Borovskij who were two of the most important scenographers of our time.

International Conferences -  Three international scenographic conferences took place during the PQ whose themes are Capturing Scenography organized by OISTAT; Transliteracy – The History and Theory of Scenography organized by International Scenpgraphy Magazine and PQ and the International Organization of Theatre Research (FIRT)´ conference The New Space of Authenticity.

Prague Theatre Days – A ten-day showcase of several hit productions was presented in many theatres throughout the City of Prague. The showcase was prepared with the interest of the foreign PQ visitor in mind, and the productions were recommended based on their scenographic designs, quality of direction or their accessibility to the foreign public (experimental or puppet theatre). The project received a great amount of interest from the foreign guests and more than 700 tickets were reserved for the ten nights of performances. Most of the performances were sold out.

Excursions to Prague Theatres – The PQ introduced the foreign guests to Prague theatres with guided tours through some of the city’s most important theatre spaces. More than 160 foreign guests participated in the tours through six theatres.

Search – The PQ search engine that will help you find more information about what’ happened where and when.





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