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Book about the PQ 07 just released! Exhibition on the Stage: Reflections on the 2007 Prague Quadrennial edited by Arnold Aronson with contribution of international experts and almost 200 photos!

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The DVD with full photo and video-documentation of the PQ 07 will be available for sale this summer.



Exhibition on the Stage: Reflections on the 2007 Prague Quadrennial
edited by Arnold Aronson

The PQ 07, International Exhibition of Scenography and Theatre Architecture, as viewed and analyzed by several renowned international theatre experts. Both critics and artists discuss various aspects and trends of contemporary theatre design and space. 

Edited by American scenography expert Arnold Aronson, PQ 07 General Commissioner and with contribution by Thea Brejzek, Dorita Hannah, Ian Herbert, Thomas Irmer and Marie Zdeňková.  

The publication is released exactly one year after the event and includes almost two hundred coloured photographs documenting the PQ 07.

Look at the book previews here (dokument Adobe PDF)here (dokument Adobe PDF)86-89 kniha_blok_nahled.pdf (dokument Adobe PDF).

Reg. Price:  499 CZK (cca 20 EURO) + VAT +p&p

 ISBN: 978-80-7008-219-5  

 PQ 07 - Catalogue in English and Czech

PQ 07 Catalogue

Over 350 pages including a description of each of the themes from the 53 National Exhibits. The full colour publication is in English and in Czech, and also contains information about the Student Section - Scenofest, as well as the Section of Theatre Architecture and Technology.


 ISBN: 9 788070 082126



40 Years of the PQ - DVD

From the archives of the Theatre Institute in Prague, organizer of the Prague Quadrennial since 1967, comes the most comprehensive and illustrative collection of scenography, exploring the trends of world theatre over the last 40 years. The DVD contains:

  • 16 minute commentary outlining the history of the PQ
  • 5-7 minute overview for each individual edition of the PQ
  • More than 800 photographs
  • Statistics about each PQ including lists of participating countries, award winners, etc.
  • SPECIAL BONUS: an interview with Josef Svoboda during the PQ 95.

DVD 9, PAL 4:3, Region Free, Only in English

Reg. Price: 499,- Kč (17,50 EURO)



A MIRROR OF THE WORLD THEATRE - PQ 95 and 99 (softcover)

The second volume to Věra Ptáčková book offers an insight of the last two exhibitions in 1995 and 1999, and is filled with 140 colour and 50 black-and-white photographs capturing contemporary scenography and theatre architecture from around the world. The publication includes lists of participating countries and laureates of both exhibitions.

Reg. Price: 395 Kč (14,00 EURO) (softcover)
 ISBN 80-7008-118-X


Prague Quadrennial 2003 DVD

This DVD is a true collector's item for anyone who attended the PQ in 2003 or who is interested in the developments of world stage design! The DVD documents the national, school and architecture exhibits of each of the 50 participating countries through colourful photographs, information and video materials. The DVD also includes the television documentary in English produced by Czech Television.

Published in 2004

Reg. Price: 350 Kč (14 EURO)



Jiří Hilmera: CZECH THEATRE ARCHITECTURE (hardcover)

Period exposition on the history of the theatre architecture in the Czech lands, published by the Theatre Institute in Czech with the summary in English and German, black-and-white illustrations.

Reg. Price: 350 Kč (12,50 EURO) (hardcover)

 ISBN 80-7008-087-6



 Looking Into The Abyss

Arnold Aronson: LOOKING INTO THE ABYSS (softcover)

Arnold Aronson's collection of essays on American sceonography is a comprehensive overview of today´s theatre artists, their work and influences, and the influence it continues to have on contemporary theatre art forms.

Reg. Price: 25 EUROS (softcover)

 ISBN: 978-0472098880  

 Arnold Aronson - Architect of Dreams

Arnold Aronson: ARCHITECT OF DREAMS (softcover)

A stunning look at the theatrical works of American stage designer Joseph Urban.

Reg. Price: 30 EURO (softcover)

ISBN: 1-884919-08-1

 Performance a Critical Introduction


The first textbook to provide an overview of the modern concept of performance and its developmetn in various related fields. Second edition from 2006.

Reg. Price: 30 EUROS (softcover)

 ISBN: 0-415-29927-6



 Barbara Steiner/ Jun Yabg: AUTOBIOGRAPHY (softcover)

A critical and photographic publication exploring the important questions and issues in art and life today.

230 illustrations (200 colour)


Reg. Price: 25 EUROS (softcover)

 ISBN: 0-500-93005-8


Andre Acquart 


Architecte de l´éphémere

Published in 2006, and filled with designs, illustrations and photographs of the work of one of France´s leading scenographers from the 1950´s. In French.

Reg. Price: 68 EUROS (softcover)

 ISBN: 2-7427-6247-7


 Adolphe Appia

 Richard Beacham: ADOLPHE APPIA

Das Buch ist die erste umfassende deutschsprachige Monographie des Schweizer Bühnenreformers Adolphe Appia, dessen Ideen die Grundlage für zahlreiche Innovationen, Anschauungen und Praktiken im Theater waren.

Mit den zahlreichen Abbildungen seiner Bühnenentwürfe, insbesondere zu den Werken Richard Wagners und seinen Texten zur Theaterreform, zur Theaterästhetik und zum Selbstverständnis der Bühnenkunst, wird es zu einer Quellensammlung für jeden Theater-, Musik- und Operninteressierten; für Regisseure, Bühnenbildner, Architekten und Kunsthistoriker.

415 Seiten
Alexander Verlag
gebunden mit Schutzumschlag; 122 Abb., davon 32 farbige; Vorwort von Robert Wilson

Reg. Price: 68 EUROS (hardcover)

 ISBN: 978-3-89581-152-4

 NOW ONLY: 57,50 EUROS + P+H (Slightly damaged)



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