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PQ for children

The organizers of PQ have not overlooked the youngest spectators, their parents nor teachers, and have created the special programme, the PQ for Children, was an entertaining and creative way of bringing children closer to contemporary world theatre and scenography.

The concept of this year’s PQ allowed spectators to travel all over the world and see the works of leading scenographers with their own eyes. With this in mind, Martin Svoboda and Jana Svobodová prepared the special project “PQ for Children” that became a children’s adventure game that could perhaps only be equivalent to experiencing the world of Alice in Wonderland. Almost 3500 children participated in the project - this same number of children participated in the PQ for Children in PQ 03 which was 8 days longer than the PQ 07.


The school project, “The Czech Coat”, went one step further. To participate in how Wonderland is created and to personally participate in the process is much more fun than merely looking at it. Teachers from various schools allowed their pupils to work on this theme, just like the professionals from the exhibiting countries worked on their own national exhibitions. The result was an installation that reflected the students´ perception of the Czech Republic. The 3-D presentation was displayed in the form of a costume exhibit made out of coats. 36 schools from all over the Czech Republic (almost 1200 students) were given the same pattern for a coat in which they could select whatever materials to use to create a unique costume. The children then prepared a special fashion show in which they modeled their unique designs. A special newsletter that contained photographs, drawings and texts was also a part of the presentation.


The project in the exhibition was not only for children. In fact anyone who loves to play games could participate in the “sightseeing game” for children. The aim of the project was to travel through the National Exhibition from one country to another, just like The Little Prince as he travelled from planet to planet. The scenographic workshops were also a very popular part of the project. Here visitors created stage designs out of building blocks, small toys and other props, while a technician used the blue screen process to project the designs onto a television screen where they could be seen by all visitors. The visitors could also participate in a costume workshop to create their own designs.


A very important part of the children’s programme was the PQ Children’s Award for the most interesting exhibit. Every child could cast one vote for the Best Exhibit. The absolute winner of the PQ 07 was the Forman Brothers´ exhibit created for the Czech Republic’s national exhibition. Their interactive project, VEJDIVYJDI/ENTRESORT, had a playful county fair-like atmosphere that provided spectators with a backstage glimpse of the theatre production. The exhibit entertained spectators with its musical band of bears, a dressing room where the spectators could put on make-up, as well as a “theatre kitchen”, where the performance was prepared. The PQ Children’s Award was a small suitcase filled with the ballots that contained the most valuable comments and drawings contributed by the children.

According to the children, the most successful exhibitions were (in the following order):

The Czech Republic

New Zealand




The website of the PQ for Children here (only in Czech) - including photogallery.



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