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Golden TrigaRussia - Golden TrigaGOLDEN TRIGA for the Best Presentation of a Theme: RUSSIA

The Russian team received the award for their theme entitled "Our Chekhov: Twenty Years Later". Curators of the national exhibit included Inna Mirzoyan, author of the theme Viktor Beriozkin and designer/architect Dmitry Krymov.




Taiwan - Gold Medal

Gold Medal for Best Use of Technology: TAIWAN 
- for its facility with and profound understanding of the possibilities of both modern and ancient technologies





Slovakia - B. Kudlička - Gold MedalGold Medal for Best Use of Technology: BORIS KUDLIČKA (SLOVAKIA) 
- for his use of technology to create images of astonishing effect




Gold Medal for Best Theatre Architecture (not awarded)

Spain - Gold MedalHonorary Diploma in the Section of Architecture and Technology:  SPAIN
- for its originality and the spirit of the manifesto calling attention to theatres at risk




Latvia - Student Section - Gold MedalGold Medal for the Most Promising Talent in the Student Section - Scenofest: REINIS SUHANOVS (LATVIA)
- for its wit and simplicity

Gold Medal for Best Exposition in the Student Section and Scenofest: LATVIA 



Germany - J. Schutz - Gold MedalGold Medal for Best Realization of a Production: JOHANNES SCHÜTZ (scenography and costume design), JÜRGEN GOSCH (direction)
William Shakespeare: Macbeth, Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus, 2005, Germany




South Africa - Brett Bailey - Gold MedalGold Medal for Best Realization of a Production: BRETT BAILEY (designer and director)
Oscar van Woensel: medEia, Republic of South Africa






Mexico - Gold MedalGold Medal for Best Theatre Costume: MEXICO 
- for the vast array of approaches to adorning the performing body



Portugal - J.M.Ribeiro - Gold MedalGold Medal for Best Stage Design:  JOAO MENDES RIBEIRO (PORTUGAL)
- awarded to an architect who truly understands theatrical space




UNESCO Prize for the Promotion of the Arts - Performing Arts Section

Chile - UNESCO PrizeDepartment of Theatre, Faculty of Arts, University of Chile, Chile







Chile - UNESCO PrizeTheatre Faculty of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Czech Republic




E. Alexandropoulo - UNESCO PrizeEliza Alexandropoulou, Greece





Korea - UNESCO PrizeSchool Exhibit of Republic of Korea







Ana Milic and Snezana Veljkovioc, SerbiaAna Milic and Snezana Veljkovioc, Serbia





The UNESCO Prize for the Promotion of the Arts was created in 1991, at the initiative and in accordance with the ideals of eminent Japanese artist Mr Kaii Higashiyama and is awarded to promising young artists or groups of artists in recognition of their outstanding creative achievements in the field of the visual arts (painting, sculpture and graphics), that of new technologies and that of the performing arts, and to encourage their further development as artists and designers.

Since 1992, the Prize for the Promotion of the Arts (performing arts category) was awarded on a biennial basis in prestigious international events, such as at the Expo Seville, the International Theatre Festival in Bogotá, the African Performing Arts Market in Abidjan, the International Theatre Festival: Baltic House in Saint Petersburg, etc. and this year for the second time at the Prague Quadrennial.    

The amount of the UNESCO Prize for the Promotion of the Arts is $US 20.000, and is shared equally among four young stage designers or group of stage designers.  




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