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12.6.2008 - Book about the PQ 07 released!

Exactly after one year after the PQ 07, the book Exhibition on the Stage: Reflections on the 2007 Prague Quadrennial was released. See the first Review.

The PQ 07, International Exhibition of Scenography and Theatre Architecture, as viewed and analyzed by several renowned international theatre experts. Both critics and artists discuss various aspects and trends of contemporary theatre design and space. Edited by American scenography expert Arnold Aronson, PQ 07 General Commissioner and with contribution by Thea Brejzek, Dorita Hannah, Ian Herbert, Thomas Irmer and Marie Zdeňková.  

The publication is released exactly one year after the event and includes almost two hundred coloured photographs documenting the PQ 07.

Look at the book previews5-9 kniha_blok_nahled.pdf (dokument Adobe PDF)17-21 kniha_blok_nahled.pdf (dokument Adobe PDF)86-89 kniha_blok_nahled.pdf (dokument Adobe PDF).  Buy here.

Look at the Review of the book in the Prague Post.



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