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How To Take Part


Process of invitation
The official invitation for individual countries to take part in the PQ  including the application form are usually sent through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and Czech embassies abroad approximately 2,5 year  before the forthcoming edition of the PQ.

Czech embassies are distributing the official inviation to the cultural and theatre institutions and organizations in each country (eg. Ministry of Culture, Theatre Institute, OISTAT national centre etc.) that are to inform theatre practitioners in their countries about  the PQ and organize or charge sb./ other institution with the artistic and organizational preparation of national exhibitions.

Process of application
Each country participating in the PQ has to appoint its own curator who sends the obligatory application for the individual sections to the Organizer of the PQ. The curator coordinates the representation of his country in the individual sections and negotiates all matters concerning the participation with the Organizer of the PQ and the General Commissioner of the PQ. Further artistic and organizational conditions of participation in the PQ  are stated in the Statute and Conceptof each PQ edition.


The Student Section is one of the competitive section of the PQ 07. According to the Statute, the National Curator is responsible also for the participation in the School Exhibit Section that is a part of this Section. Participation in the Scenofest is based upon the individual participation of schools or students.



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