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Welcome in the Prague Quadrennial Archive!

Archive of the PQ will provide you the complete view of the previous eleven editions of the PQ.  The complete archive located in the Institute of Arts - Theatre Institute includes thousands photos and hours of videos and will be continuously digitalized and added to the website.

Currently you can find here the complete archive of the PQ 07 that includes not only the general information but mainly photographic documentation of all exhibitions (see Countries and Artists section) and performancies and other live events (see Program section). Videos will be added in the near future.

PQ 1967-2003 are presented with the general information and basic photos of the winning expositions and will be continuously completed with the detailed documentation. Processing is running in the frame of project The Preservation and Presentation of Cultural Heritage Czech and World Theatre and is supported by grant from Norway through Norwegian Finnancial Mechanism. For more information about project see www.theatre-heritage.cz


How it all begun.....

During the Bienal de Säo Paulo (Biennale of Visual Art) in 1959, a special exhibit, designed by František Tröster, illustrated the development of Czech and Slovak stage design and theatre architecture during the period from 1914-1959. The result of the exhibition was a gold medal for Czechoslovakia. Continued Czech success during the next three Biennales led to an offer for Prague to host an international exhibition of stage design in Europe once every four years. Since its premiere in 1967, the international exhibition has been held regularly every four years, and has come to be known as the Prague Quadrennial.

For the more detailed history see the sections of the individual editions.



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